Group Programs

Monaro Family Support Service (MFSS) regularly runs groups for parents across the Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

Groups are a great way for parents to come together to support each other, exchange ideas & gain knowledge.

MFSS offers a range of evidence based parenting programs such as those listed below, conducted by qualified and skilled facilitators as well as on-going support groups. Click on program icon to link to further program information.

Groups can be targeted at parents with children in a particular age group or with specific challenges such as for parents of children with disabilities, or babies, for step parents, or dads for example.

MFSS can also organise forums around a specific issue of concern to a community such as parenting adolescents, or school readiness.

Parenting isn’t easy – it doesn’t come with a manual, but it can help to know you are not alone in the journey.