About Us

Monaro Family Support Service (MFSS) is a multi-site, community-based organisation, with a history of over 35 years working in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW.

MFSS is locally governed and operated but draws on the expertise of the Family Support Service network nationally.

Our Vision

  • Safe Children
  • Strong families
  • Stronger communities

Monaro Family Support Service Inc.

  • Works with parents and carers to ensure the wellbeing of children and the safety of all family
  • Respects the capacity of every individual for growth and change
  • Promotes human rights and access to justice
  • Is based on respectful and collaborative relationships
  • Is founded on integrity and accountability
  • Works with a whole of community approach which is flexible and responsive

Monaro Family Support Service Inc. also auspice the:

Monaro Domestic Violence Committee and the Monaro Families NSW Network

Monaro Family support Service currently receives funding from both State and Federal Government

  • Department of Family & Community Services
  • Department of Social Services
  • Coodinare – South Eastern NSW PHN