About Us

Founded in 1978, Monaro Family Support Service (MFSS) is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Snowy Monaro, NSW. We work together with families and individuals for positive growth and change. Through our work we want to increase wellbeing and contribute to a community that is connected and resilient.

With almost 50 years of experience working in the community, MFSS has comfortably adapted and responded to the emerging and changing needs of our community. In 2022, MFSS grew its services and Monaro Early Intervention Services (MEIS) merged with the organisation. The merger brought onboard a new team of members specialising in supporting children and youth aged 0-18 years old with disabilities and their families under the NDIS.

The two organisations have a long history of working together with strong ties to the community. Collectively they now have over seven decades of experience, local knowledge and relationships between the two organisations. It further strengthens the footprint of Monaro Family Support Service to deliver high quality support programs for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, children, young people and families in the Snowy Monaro, including NDIS services.

Importantly, the merger enabled the organisation to become a single entry point when seeking support. This means individuals and families who may be experiencing adversity now have seamless access to a range of wrap around services.

Our Vision

People belong to stronger families and are connected to thriving and resilient Snowy Monaro communities.

Our Purpose

Monaro Family Support Service work together with individuals, children, young people and families in our Snowy Monaro communities to support their journey with life's challenages fro positive growth and change.

Our Values

  • WELCOMING: Our Place is Your Place
  • RESPECTFUL: We Honour Your Story
  • RESPONSIBLE: We Do Our Best
  • ADAPTABLE: We're Open To Growth

Monaro Family Support Service represents seven core pillars:

- Community Presence: We are a place-based service with a strong footprint over the whole LGA that the community feel is "their" service.
- Comprehensive Services: We offer a huge range of complementary services to individuals and the community in one place.
- The Team: We are knowledgeable, professional, passionate and supportive team from the community.
- Privacy matters: We maintain client confidentiality and respect.
- Representative: We have a high level of local knowledge and understand what is needed for the local community.
- Local Relationships: We work closely with other organisations to support families or individuals.
- Flexibility: We take a genuine, flexible and creative approach to supporting individuals and families.

Monaro Family Support Service Inc. also auspice the:

Monaro Domestic Violence Committee and the Monaro Families NSW Network